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warped tour~

I said I'd post about my Warped Tour expierience, so I will.

Uh...I went the 24th of July, along with the other admin, nookicky, to the Tweeter Center in Tinley Park, IL. (Near to Chicago.) It was a schweet show I must say. The only Kung-Fu Band that played however was the Vandals, but they played an awesome set and if I ever get unlazy, I'll scan the pictures I took of them. I remember they played "My Girlfriend's Dead" and "I've got an Ape Drape", as for everything else I'm kind of stupid and have forgotten.

The Alkaline Trio also played, a favorite in their hometown. It was their last show of the tour but man did they play an amazing set. Umm...if I remember right, they played "Maybe I'll Catch Fire", "This Could Be Love", "We've Had Enough", "Mr. Chainsaw" and I can't remember...I want to say "Hell Yes" but I'm not positive.

Taking Back Sunday was there, I was able to meet Adam and Fred but I couldn't see their show. I also attended the Yellowcard concert (they played Breathing, Life of a Salesman, Only One, Way Away, Ocean Avenue...) and the ultra-awesome Sugarcult concert. (their set was Memory, Pretty Girl (The Way), She's The Blade, Crying, Bouncing off the Walls...)

All in all, if you still have time and live in the area check out the Vans Warped Tour, it's an amazing time and not that expensive at all to attend.

ALSO the Vandals have just released a new CD, called "Hollywood Potato Chip" me thinks. Does anyone here have it?

And Tsunami Bomb are releasing a new CD this September, called "The Definitive Act". Who else is waiting eagerly for it? ;D
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