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kungfu_records's Journal

Kung Fu Records
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Welcome to the community kungfu_records. This communitity is dedicated to the godly that is Kung Fu Records. Aka the great indies label that actually has non-stereotypical "punk" bands signed. (You know, stereotypical being stuff like Avril... but she's not punk anyway!).

♪Upon posting, remember, everyone has their own opinion. If someone doesn't like... oh say Useless I.D. then respect that. You of course are entitled to your own opinions.
♪No flaming. If you flame I will call you Avril, unless if you like Avril. If you like Avril I'll just call you... Bobo? (in other words, I might just ban you~~)
♪Images, mp3s and other items allowed. Images larger than standard LJ icons (100x100) must be placed in a LJ cut. Don't know how? Ask one of the lovely mods
♪Quizzes and memes are not allowed unless if related to any bands on Kung Fu Records. All other posts will be deleted without notice.
♪Keep communitity promoting to a minimum. If its related to any of the bands then I'll let it slide.
♪Respect. Don't do any useless bashing against anyone in the community.

And now for your mods:
nookicky Lisa
higouhou Nicole

Community Links:
none so far :(